computer awareness questions

1. Which of following is the largest unit storage –

D. None of these
Ans. B 

2. What is the latest version of  operating system for window –

Ans. Window 10 

3. RTOS Stands For –

Ans. Real time operating system

4. Which one of the following is not a computer language –

B. C ++
C. Basic 
D. MS – excel
Ans . D

5. How many bits of ASCII code –

A. 5
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8
Ans. 7

6.  DAC Stands For –

Ans. Digital to analog convertor

7. The First Computers Were programmed using –

Ans. Machine Language

8. Which Of The Following Commands is given to the reboot computer –

A. Ctrl+ Alt + shift
B. Ctrl + Alt + tab
C. Ctrl + Alt + Del
Ans. C

9. First Generation of computer was based on which technology –

Ans. Vacuum tube

10. Malicious Software known as –

Ans. Malware

11.  ASCII is a Codindg system that provide –

Ans. 128 different characters

12. A computer can not worked without –

A. Printer 
B. Mouse
C. Keyboard
D. Motherboard
Ans. D

13. Which is the longest key on the keyboard –

A. Space bar 
B. Entry key 
C. Shift key 
Ans. A 

14. NAT Stands for –

 Ans. Network address Translation

15. Booting instructions are stored inside –

B. Floppy disk 
Ans. C

16. Data processing cycle consists Of –

Ans. Input , output and processing cycle

17. Size Of IPV6 address Is –

A. 128 bits
B 120 bits
C. 64  bits
Ans. A

18. What is the normal speed of Ethernet –

A. 20 Mbps
B. 10 Mbps
C. 15 Mbps
Ans. B

19. What Is string –

Ans. A combination of characters is called a string .

20. Virus stands for –

Ans. Vital information Recourse under siege