idioms and phrases for ssc cgl and other competitive exam

In this article I am sharing a important idioms and phrases sentences for your exam .

Here is the list of Some common idioms sentence for grade class exam which are listed below –

1. Break a leg ?

Ans. best wishes or wishing good luck to someone .

2. Box and dice ?

Ans. All things or everything .

3. Big fish in a small pond ?

Ans. Someone who is important in a small place or area .

4. Beside yourself ?

Ans. May be you are excited or upset .

5. Better than a stick in the eye ?

Ans. Means it is not good but better than nothing or not too bad .

6. Black sheep ?

Ans. Different from other members of family or Disreputable member of a family .

7. Could eat a horse ?

Ans. So hungry .

8. Cut to the chase ?

Ans. Important part of something without waste of time .

9. Down in the mouth ?

Ans. Sad or unhappy .

10. Dead as a doornail ?

Ans. Not alive

11. Face like thunder ?

Ans. Very angry or upset

12. Fat head ?

Ans. Idiotic or stupid person

13. Fit as a fiddle ?

Ans. Strong or healthy

14. Flesh and blood ?

Ans. Blood group members especially your family .

15. For my money ?

Ans. In my opinion or from my point of view .

16. Greek to me ?

Ans. You don’t understanding something .

17. Head is in the clouds ?

Ans. Impractical ideas or dreams .

18. Heart in your mouth ?

Ans. Worried or scared .

19. Far and wide ?

Ans. Everywhere 

20. Gird up the lion ?

Ans. To be ready 

21. Fair and square ?

Ans. Honest

22. Out and out ?

Ans. Totally

23. Cut down ?

Ans. Reduce 

24. At the eleventh hour ?

Ans. At the last minute or last possible moment

25. At the sea ?

Ans. state of confusion or puzzled

26. Turn in ?

Ans. Submit

27. To crack someone up ?

Ans. To make someone laugh

28. Fit to be tied ?

Ans. Very angry 

29. Turn a deaf ear ?

Ans. Refuse to listen

30. Once in a blue moon ?

Ans. Very rarely

31. Beat around the bush ?

Ans. To avoid the main topic 

32. In a tight corner ?

Ans. In a difficult situation 

33. A piece of cake ?

Ans. Something very easy to do

34. Spill the beans ?

Ans. To tell a secret

35. By leaps and bounds ?

Ans. Means very fast

36. Back up ?

Ans. Support 

37. See eye to eye ?

Ans. To agree

38. Pull a long face ?

Ans. To look like sad 

39. In a flash ?

Ans. At once 

40. At first hand ?

Ans. Means directly