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Amazon quiz shaurya unbound answer

Today 18 January Amazon quiz shaurya unbound questions and answers. read this article for more information.

1. Recently released by om birla ” the shaurya unbound ” is a book about the valour of which these forces.




D. None of these

Answer. C

2. which company recently announced they will set up ” the world’s largest scooter factory ” in hosur tamilnadu

A. Zomato

B. Ola

C. Pay tm

D. Amazon

Answer. B

3. Alex olmedo who recently passed away was a tennis champion from which country

A. Brazil

B. Japan

C. India

D. Peru

Answer. D

4. These words are symbols of what in many cultures around the world

A. Happiness

B. Love

C. Peace

D. None of these

Answer. A

5. This news company is Headquartered in which country

A. United states

B. United kingdom ( uk )

C. Germany

D. Brazil

Answer. B

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