Amazon quiz shaurya unbound answer

Today 18 January Amazon quiz shaurya unbound questions and answers. read this article for more information.

Amzon quiz 18 January

1. Recently released by om birla ” the shaurya unbound ” is a book about the valour of which these forces.




D. None of these

Answer. C

2. which company recently announced they will set up ” the world’s largest scooter factory ” in hosur tamilnadu

A. Zomato

B. Ola

C. Pay tm

D. Amazon

Answer. B

3. Alex olmedo who recently passed away was a tennis champion from which country

A. Brazil

B. Japan

C. India

D. Peru

Answer. D

4. These words are symbols of what in many cultures around the world

A. Happiness

B. Love

C. Peace

D. None of these

Answer. A

5. This news company is Headquartered in which country

A. United states

B. United kingdom ( uk )

C. Germany

D. Brazil

Answer. B