American trivia quiz questions 2021

In this article i am sharing a Interesting American trivia quiz questions and answers which are listed below .

1. in which year America won first Nobel peace prize

A. 1903

B. 1904

C. 1905

D. 1906

Answer. D

2. in which year was America recognized as a country

A. 9 September, 1776

B. 12 September, 1780

C. 1 June , 1840

D. 20 December, 1876

Answer. A

3. Who is the first female vice president of United states of America

A. Hillary Clinton

B. Kamala Harris

C. Victoria woodhull

D. None of these

Answer. B

4. Britney spears born in

A. Arizona

B. Alaska

C. Mississippi

D. None of these

Answer. C

5. What is the nick name of George Washington

A. Father of his country

B. The idol of Ohio

C. The preacher of president

D. None of these

Answer. A

6. How many states are there in America

A. 48

B. 49

C. 50

D. 51

Answer. C

7. which American president abolished slavery

A. Abraham Lincoln

B. George Bush

C. Barrack Obama

D. Bill Clinton

Answer. A

8. which American boxer was known as ‘ the greatest ‘

A. Mike Tyson

B. Muhammad Ali

C. Joe Luis

D. Sonny liston

Answer. B

9. when usa celebrated Thanksgiving

A. 26 November

B. 2 December

C. 3 January

D. 7 February

Answer. A

10. Who was the first American woman in space

A. peggy Whitson

B. Anna lee Fisher

C. Sally ride

D. Christina coach

Answer. C

11. Wealtheist state of America is

A. Maryland

B. New Jersey

C. California

D. Hawaii

Answer. A

12. Who is the richest president of America

A. Barrack Obama

B. Donald Trump

C. Bill Clinton

D. None of these

Answer. B

13. Which American president has longest presidency

A. John Adams

B. Franklin D . Roosevelt

C. James Madison

D. Jimmy Carter

Answer. B

14. Which state has the largest population in America

A. Florida

B. Texas

C. California

D. New York

Answer. C

15. In America which language is used

A. France

B. English

C. Urdu

D. Hindi

Answer. B

16. When did the usa get involved in the vitenam war

A. 1951

B. 1952

C. 1953

D. 1954

Answer. D

17. How long was the usa involved in vitenam war

A. 18

B. 19

C. 20

D. 21

Answer. D

18. How many time zones are there in America

A. 3

B. 5

C. 6

D. 7

Answer. C

19. First American president to win Nobel prize

A. Barack Obama

B. Aabraham Lincoln

C. George Bush

D. None of these

Answer. A

20. Which city in usa has highest Indian population

A. Chicago

B. New York city

C. Boston

D. Austin

Answer. B

21. What is the country calling code of usa

A. +91

B. +9

C. +5

D. +1

Answer. D

22. When American constitution was written

A. September 17 , 1787

B. December 29 , 1790

C. March 13 , 1802

D. June 27 , 1876

Answer. A

23. American constitution was written by

A. Mark Carney

B. James Madison

C. Rick Scott

D. None of these

Answer. B

24. When California became state

A. 1840

B. 1845

C. 1850

D. 1855

Answer. C

25. The empire state building is located

A. Huston

B. New York

C. Los Angeles

D. None of these

Answer. B

26. How many floor are in the empire state building

A. 110

B. 108

C. 104

D. 102

Answer. D

27. When was the first Christmas celebrated in America

A. 1870

B. 1875

C. 1885

D. 1890

Answer. A

28. Pepsi was invented in

A. 1895

B. 1898

C. 1903

D. 1905

Answer. B

29. America celebrated its independence day on

A. 4 july

B. 7 may

C. 9 June

D. 1 February

Answer. A

30. In which us state is the Pentagon located

A. Texas

B. Nevada

C. Virginia

D. Alabama

Answer. C

31. American company apple founded by

A. David Anderson

B. Steve jobs

C. Mark molloy

D. None of these

Answer. B

32. When was the apple company started

A. 1973

B. 1974

C. 1975

D. 1976

Answer. D

33. Alaska is also known as

A. The land of the midnight sun

B. The land of elephants

C. The land of happiness

D. None of these

Answer. A

34. What is the capital of Texas

A. Carson city

B. Austin

C. Atlanta

D. Madison

Answer. B

35. Lolypop invented by

A. George Smith

B. Michael Gove

C. Alexa Jones

D. Bryan Robso

Answer. A

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