Civil draughtsman mcq questions

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Civil draughtsman mcq questions and answers based on multiple choice questions.

1. The length of 30° to 60° set square is

A. 20 cm

B. 25 cm

C. 30 cm

D. 40 cm

Answer.  B

2. How many types of set square are there

A. 2

B. 3

C. 4

D. 5

Answer.  A

Noteset squares are made of celluloid or plastic materials

3. Length of revenue chain is

A. 22 ft

B. 33 ft

C. 40 ft

D. 45 ft

Answer . B

4. Section line are draw at equal interval of —– angle

A. 30°

B. 45°

C. 60°

D. 90°

Answer.  B

5. Generally granite is

A. Marble

B. Latrite

C. Stone

D. None of these

Answer.  C

6. Which of the following example of metamorphic rocks

A. Salt

B. Marble

C. Dolomite

D. All

Answer.  D

7. How many types of rocks are there

A. 3

B. 4

C. 5

D. 6

Answer.  A

NoteThere are three types of rocks avilable on earth –

  • Sedimentary rocks
  • Metamorphic rocks
  • Igneous rocks

8. Which type of cement generally used in house construction

A. Portland cement

B. Quick setting cement

C. Low heat cement

D. None of these

Answer.  A

9. The main constituent of fat lime is

A. Calcium silicate

B. Calcium oxide

C. Calcium carbonate

D. None of these

Answer.  B

10. Normally Length of pan tile in cm

A. 20 to 25 cm

B. 25 to 30 cm

C. 33 to 38 cm

D. 40 to 45 cm

Answer.  C

11. Concrete ratio for foundation is

A. 1 : 2 : 3

B  1 : 4 : 8

C.  1 : 5 : 9

D. None of these

Answer . B

12. Which instrument is used to break the bricks

A. Hammer

B. Trowel

C. Nail

D. None of these

Answer.  A

13. The word used in Arches

A. Landing

B. Pier

C. Curve

D. None of these

Answer.  C

14. The vertical portion between the two tread

A. Riser

B. Landing

C. Nosing

D. None of these

Answer.  A

15. Autocad Is developed by which country

A. United kingdom

B. United states

C. Japan

D. France

Answer.  B

16. The command used to extend an object

A Trim

B. Stretch

C. Extend

D. None of these

Answer.  B

17. What is the Length of surveyor’s chain

A. 50 ft

B. 60 ft

C. 66 ft

D. 70 ft

Answer.  C

18. Method of surveying  to determine  the relative elevation of the points on the surface  of the earth is called

A. Levelling

B. Remote sensing

C. Chaining

D. None of these

Answer.  A

19. Apex line of a slopping roof is called

A. Cleats

B. Purlins

C. Ridge

D. None of these

Answer.  C

20. Bricks providing its length in the face is called

A. Lap

B. Header

C. Stretcher

D. None of these

Answer.  C

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