Dartmouth academic calendar 2021-22

Dartmouth university has released a Academic dates for 2021-22 for all summer, fall , winter and spring session. Read this article for more information.

Exam key dates highlights :

Summer datesStart from 24 june 2021
Fall session datesStart from 13 September 2021
Winter Session dates Begins from 4 January 2022
Spring datesBegins from 28 March 2022

Dartmouth Academic calendar 2021 – 22 key dates in details

Summer session 2021 key dates

24 june Thursday Summer term classes begins
26 june Saturday Special day of classes
5 July Monday Independence Day
( Holiday )
25 August Wednesday Summer classes end
28 August Saturday Final Examination period begins
30 August Monday Sheduled final Examinations end
31 August Tuesday Final Examination period end
Detailed Calender Summer term full information

Fall session key dates

Monday 13 September 2021Fall term classes begins
Tuesday November 16 2021Fall term classes end
Friday 19 November 2021Final examinations period begins
Saturday 20 November 2021Final Examinations suspended
Tuesday 23 November 2021Sheduled final examination end
Wednesday 24 November 2021Final Examination period end.
detailed Calender Fall session full information

Winter session dates 2022

4 January 2022Winter term classes begins
17 January 2022Holiday – Martin Luther king jr. day
8 March 2022Winter term classes end
11 March 2022Final examination period begins
14 March 2022Sheduled final examination end
15 March 2022Final Examination period ends

Exam calendar and key dates for 2021- 22 examination also available on official website you can visit on official website for more information .

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