DBMS semester questions and answers

Today I am sharing a important Database management questions which are useful for your upcoming college semester exam .

So here I am providing a DBMS important questions which are listed below –

1. What do you mean by DBMS ? How it is better than file processing system .

2. What are the function of a database administrators with regard to database security .

3. Explain tupple , Attribute and domain .

4. Define Logical and Physical Database system .

5. Write short notes on :

A. Data Definition Language ( DDL )

B. Data Manipulation Language ( DML ) 

6. Explain Mapping Constraints .

7. Write short notes on

• Hierarchical model with example 

• Database Task Group ( DBTG )

• Flash Memory 

• Magnetic Tape 

• Relational Query Language 

8. Explain Structured Query Language ( SQL )

9. Explain Recovery Procedure that need to take place after disk crash .

10. Explain Access Control Mechanisms .

11. Discuss advantages and disadvantages produced by distributed database system .

12. Explain the various schemes for data fragmentation .

13. Define Crash Recovery .

14. Difference between DDL , VDL and SDL .

15. Write short notes on –

• DML Compiler

• Transparent dbms

• Rdms kernel

Some other important questions for exam –

Q. What do you mean by Data independence ?

Ans. In Data Independence Application does not depend on storage structure , basically two types of data independence which are listed below –

Physical Data independence – Any changes in Physical Level Should not affect the logical level .

Logical Data Independence – Any changes in Logical level should not affect the view level .

Q. What is an Attribute ?

Ans. Its is a particular property which describes the entity .

Q. What is join dependency ?

Ans.  Join dependency – join dependency is generalization of multivalued dependency , A join dependency ( R1 , R2 , ……… Rn ) is said to hold over a relation R if R1 , R2 ,…. , Rn is a lossless join decomposition of R . There is no set of sound and complete inference rules for join dependency .

Q. Write disadvantage of file processing –

Ans.  –

• Security problem 

• Data integrity

• facing problem in accessing data 

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