gk questions for assam rifles tradesman exam 2021

today we are sharing a gk questions for upcoming assam rifles tradesman exam 2021 . Read this article for more information.

1. Where is the Headquarters of assam rifles

A. Shillong

B. Jowai

C. Tura

D. None of these

Answer. A

2. In which year assam rifles formed

A. 1830

B. 1832

C. 1833

D. 1835

Answer. D

3. How many battalions are there in assam rifles

A. 46

B. 47

C. 48

D. 49

Answer. A

4. Neeraj Chopra Associated with which game

A. Table tennis

B. Javelin throw

C. Hockey

D. Cricket

Answer. D

5. Olympic 2020 held in which country

A. Tokyo, Japan

B. London, United kingdom

C. Rome, Italy

D. Paris, Franch

Answer. A

6. Who is the current director general of assam rifles

A. Gen. VIpin Rawat

B. Pradeep Chandran Nair

C. Manish kumar jha

D. None of these

Answer. B

7. Bhangra dance is Associated with which state

A. Punjab

B. Bihar

C. Rajasthan

D. Himachal pradesh

Answer. A

8. The Chemical formula of Backing Soda is

A. Nacl

B. NaHco3

C. Baco2

D. Hno3

Answer. B

9. Who is the author of godan

A. Surdas

B. Kalidas

C. Premchand

D. Ravinder nath tagore

Answer. C

10. Who is the current Chief justice of india

A. V. K Tiwari

B. N. V. Ramana

C. Arif Mirza

D. Ajay Das

Answer. B

11. Which of the following has maximum mass

A. Neutron

B. Electron

C. Proton

D. None of these

Answer. A

12. Air Force Academy located in

A. Kolkata

B. New Delhi

C. Mumbai

D. Hyderabad

Answer. D

13. A nibble is equal to

A. 4 bits

B. 8 bits

C. 12 bits

D. 16 bits

Answer. A

14. Earth day is celebrated on

A. 22 April

B. 9 May

C. 1 July

D. 23 August

Answer. A

15. Which river is called the holy river in india

A. Yamuna

B. Ganga

C. Kaveri

D. Narmada

Answer. B

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