Hindi to English translation quiz questions

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In this article I am sharing a language translation quiz based on hindi to English. Play this interesting quiz and check your knowledge about hindi .

Hindi to English translation quiz
sentence in Hindi Converted In English
Aap Kahan Rahte hoWhere do you live
Main jaipur main Rahta huI live in jaipur
Aaj Bahut Sardi hai It is Very Cold Today
Wahan Mat JaoDo not Go There
Tum aa Sakte HoYou May Come
Woh Mujse Do Sal Bada HaiHe Is Two years older than me
Dheere ChalaoDrive Slowly
Phir Milenge See You Again
Kya Hua What Happened
Kya Ho raha hai What’s happening
So Gae Kya Have You Slept
Busy Ho Kya Are You Busy
Kon ho aapWho are You
Jhooth mat boloDo not lie
Mera call receive karoreceive my call
main bhi yahi soch raha tha Even I was thinking the same
main abhi bahut thak gaya hu kal baat karte haiI’m very tired now let’s talk tomorrow
Jada natak mat karoDon’t do too much drama
Time time ki baat hai it’s a matter of time

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