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history gk one liner questions for competitive exams

History gk one liner for competitive exams

history gk one liner questions important topic for competitive exam like upsc , ssc , mpsc and other state and government exam .

Here I am providing a very important and commonly asked history gk questions which are helpful for upcoming exam .

history gk questions based on one liner which are listed below – 

1. The first tirthankara of the jain was – Rishabhdev

2. Where did lord buddha breathe his last – kushinagar

3. Harappa civilization discovered by – rai bahadur days ram sahani

4. Harappa civilization discovered in which year – 1921

5. Mohenjo daro was discovered in which year – 1922

6. Kalibangan was discovered by – Luigi pio Tessetori 

7. The lord Mahavira was born in – Vaishali .

8. The lord Mahavira also know as – Vardhamana

9. Lord Mahavira died at – pavapuri

10. Who was the king of kalinga during the kalinga war – Raja Anantha padmanabhan

11. Which kingdom first use elephant in war – Maghda

12. Who was the ruler of maghda kingdom – King Bimbisara 

13. Who coined the ” quit India ” moment – Mahatma Gandhi

14. ellora temple built by – Rastrakuta king Krishna 

15. Who was the founder of arya samaj – Dayananda saraswati
16. Goa was captured by Portuguese in which year – 1510

17. Ramayana Written by – Valmiki

18. Which Muslim ruler came in to India first – Qutub ud din Aibak

19. Which Gupta ruler issued silver coins – chandragupta murya second ( ll )

20. Who was the father of Aurangzeb – Shah jahan 

21. The court language of mughals was – Persian 

22. Tansen a great musician was in the court of – Emperor Akbar

History one liner questions

23. Who was the first viceroy of India – lord Canning

24. Who was the last viceroy of India – lord Mountbatten 

25. Who was the iron lady of India – Indira Gandhi

26. Which sultan was know as lakh baksh – Qutub us din Aibak

27. Which slogan was given by – Shaheed Bhagat Singh 

28. Toward Freedom Written by – Jawaharlal Nehru

29. Who was the founder of peshwa dynasty – Peshwa balaji Viswanath

30. Golconda fort located in which state – Telangana

31. The first women ruler of Indian history – Razia sultan

32. Who started first English newspaper in India – James Augustus Hicky

33. The cabinet mission came in to India in which year – 1946

34. Who won second bettle of tarain – Muhammad Ghori 

35. Second battle of tarain fought between – Muhammad Ghori and Prithvi Raj Chouhan 

36. Gandhi started Satyagraha from – Champaran ( Bihar )

37. The newspaper kesari started in which language – Marathi 

38. The Newspaper Kesari founded by – in 1881 by Lokmanya bal Ganghadar tilak 

39. What is the capital of Mauryan emperor – patliputra 

40. Which dynasty built Qutub minar – Mamluk 

41. Swaraj party established in which year – 1923

42. Cripps mission came to India in which year – 1942

43. Who first gave the idea of Indian constitution – M . N Rao


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