India’s first hot air balloon safari in which national park

Recently India’s first hot air balloon safari started in Bandhavgarh National park which is located in umaria districts of Madhya pradesh. And it was launched by Forest minister Vijay Shah. Basically Bandhavgarh national park is divided into three zones. tala , magadhi and khitauli zone .

Hot air balloon safari

FAQ on Bandhavgarh national park –

1. Best time to visit Bandhavgarh national park

Answer. You can visit from 15 October to 30th june

2. which zone is best in Bandhavgarh national park

Answer. Tala zone

3. Bandhavgarh national park is established in which year

Answer. Established in 1968

4. How far is Bandhavgarh national park from Umaria Station

Answer. Approximate 27 km ( 39 minute )

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