Nsw hsc exam dates 2024

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The NSW HSC written exam dates have been published. The HSC written exam will take place between October 15 through November 8 , 2024. Below you will find HSC key dates.

February 1, 2024Written examinations Elective survey open
April 12, 2024Deadline to apply for disability provisions for HSC written exam
April 22, 2024HSC oral exam timetable released
April 26, 2024HSC written exam timetable released
October 15, 2024written examinations start
November 8, 2024Written examinations end
December 18, 2024HSC results declared
Nsw exam timetable
  • The official HSC oral language exam timetable will be released on April 22, 2024, while the written examinations timetable will be published on April 26, 2024.
  • The NSW HSC results are scheduled to be declared on December 18 , 2024 .
  • During The examinations students can only use equipment such as Black pen , Ruler, Highlighter , 2HB Pencil and Sharpener.and students can refer to the NESA approved exam equipment list page. For further details.

Frequently asked questions :

Q. Can I bring a mobile phone into the exam hall ?

Mobile phones are not allowed during the examinations.

Q. When will Assessment ranks be available for students ?

The Assessment ranks will be available after the final HSC examination.

Q. How do I access HSC past exam papers ?

Subject wise past exam papers can be accessed through the official website of NESA Exam resources page

Q. When is the last day of HSC exam NSW 2024 ?

The HSC exam will conclude on November 8 , 2024.

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