Quiz questions on Colombia

In this article I am sharing a quiz questions about Colombia and their popular cities, famous places and many more so for more information about Colombia play this quiz and check your knowledge about Colombia. here I am providing a top 15 questions about Colombia which all are based on multiple choice answer so enjoy this quiz and check your score.

Quiz about Columbia

#2. What language is mostly spoken in Colombia

#3. What is the currency of Colombia

#4. Which colombian city has largest population

#5. What is the national sport of Colombia

#6. National tree of Colombia

#7. What is the national drink of Colombia

#8. National dish of Colombia

#9. National bird of Colombia is

#10. What is the country code number of Colombia

#11. National dance of Colombia is

#12. The biggest lake in Colombia is

#13. What is the National Anthem of Colombia is

#14. What is the national flower of Colombia

#15. Where is the Colombia located