Tnpsc important questions

Expected questions in English for tnpsc exam

Today in this article we are sharing a previous year asked exam questions and some other expected questions for your all upcoming exams like tnpsc , mpsc , railway , SSC and other competitive exams .

Read below previous year asked questions 

1. Which battle is related to raksas and Tagdi

A. Battle of buxer
B. Battle of talikota
C. Battle of tarain
D. None of these

Answer. B

2. Which of the following is not included in the state list in the constitution of India

A. Police order
B. Criminal procedure code
C. Prisons
D. None of these

Answer. B

3. Who is the first Indian American women
elected to the U.S house representatives

A. Hema puri
B. Jaishree Odin
C. Pramila jayapal
D. None of these

Answer. C

4. Sum to n terms of an arithmetic progression is (2n)2 + 1 then eight terms is

A. 121
B. 130
C. 131
D. 136

Answer. D

5. The widow remarriage was legally permitted in which year

A. 1856
B. 1857
C. 1858
D. 1859

Answer. A

6. Aestivation is seen in 

A. Salmon
B. Amphibians
C. Squirrels
D. None of these

Answer. B

7. The terms demographic dividend refers to 

A. Decline in birth rate
B. Decline in fertility
C. Increase in working place 
D. None of these

Answer. C

8. The seven year war fought in which year 

A. 1756
B. 1760
C. 1765
D. 1768

Answer. A

9. In which year state reorganisation Act was passed 

A. February 1956
B. March 1956
C. October 1956
D. November 1956

Answer. C

10. Range and Range coefficient of the data 

-3 , -2 , -1 , 0 , 1 , 2 , 3 are respectively 

A. 0 and 2
B. 0 and 6
C. 0 and 0
D. 0 and 1

Answer. C

11. Find the missing number 

      17   25  33   41
      12   16  20   24

      34    ?    66   82

A. 40
B. 50
C. 55
D. 60

Answer. B

12. The institution of Lokayukta was established first in 

A. Rajasthan
B. Madhya Pradesh
C. West Bengal
D. Maharashtra

Answer. D

13. Which of the following is a social insect 

A. bedbug
B. Termites
C. Locust
D. None of these

Answer. B

14. Which of the following  mosque  also known  as adhai din ka jhonpra

A. Qutub minar
B. Jamaat khana mosque 
C. mosque in ajmer 
D. None of these 

Answer.  C

15. Which act is named as  ” gagging act “

A. The vernacular press act
B. Indian  press act
C. The Pitts india act
D. None of these 

Answer.  A

16. ” Saare jahan se accha ” written by

A. Ravindra nath tagore 
B. Mohammad Iqbal 
C. Noor jahan
D. None of these 

Answer.  B

17. Indian railway  have been divided into how many zones 

A. 15
B. 16
C. 17
D. 18

Answer. C

18. National remote sensing centre is located at  

A. New Delhi 
B. Mumbai 
C. Hyderabad 
D. Kolkata 

Answer. C

19. 1 kbs memory is

A. 1000 bytes 
B. 1024 bytes 
C. 100 bytes 
D. None of these 

Answer.  A

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