20 current affairs one liner for rrb ntpc

Today I am sharing a very important general knowledge questions for your upcoming competitive exam like RBI assistant , bank clerk , upsc and other central government exam .

In this post we are providing a 20 gk questions based on one liner .

20 important one liner general knowledge questions which are listed below –

1. Who is the new director of film and television institute of India ( FTII )

Answer. Brajendra pal Singh

2. ‘Dreaming big’ Autobiography of – 

Answer. Sam pitroda

3. Finance secretary of India in 2019 

Answer. Rajiv Kumar

4. FCAT Stands for 

Answer – Film Certification Appellate Tribunal

5. Current prime minister of Iraq is 

Answer – Adil Abdul – Mahdi

6. ITC Stands for 

Answer. Imperial Tobacco Company of India 

7. ITC Established in which year 

Answer. 1910

8. Who is the current CMD Of ITC India

Answer. Sanjiv Puri

9. Current foreign minister of India is 

Answer. S jai Shankar

10. Amitabh bacacan is nominated for which award

Answer. Dada Shaheb Falke Puroshkar

11. Recently The Best Fifa football award were held in which country 

Answer – Itlay

12. Who is Best player of FIFA world cup 2019

Answer. Lionel messi

13. The World first underwater military museum opened in which country 

Answer. Jordan 

14. Who is the cofounder of filp kart 

Answer. Sachin bansal

15. DRDO has Successfully tested air to air missile 

Answer. AStra

16. Who is the new Chief of Indian air force 

Answer. Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria 

17. 55th ITEC Day celebrated in which country 

Answer. Dhaka, Bangladesh

18. Who is The current civil aviation minister of India 

Answer. Hardeep Singh

19. Which app has Recently launched by Delhi police For citizens 

Answer. ‘ Tatpar ‘ App