Amazon daily quiz 5 April 2020

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Amazon daily quiz 5 April questions and answers 

Here in this article I am providing a today asked Amazon daily quiz questions and their answers,  these all questions based on current affairs events national and global wise .

So see below today asked questions which are listed below

1. According to the recently  happened world happiness reports , which city is ranked the world’s happiest city

A. New York
B. Oslo
C. Helsinki
D. New Delhi

Answer.  C

2. Who among these famous personalities , is the
Longest serving heir apparent to the British throne in history

A. Prince William’s
B. Prince Charles
C. Prince Andrew
D. None of these

Answer.  B

3. Apropos of Nothing is a 2020 memoir by which filmmaker and humourist

A. Woody Allen
B. Martin Johnson
C. Adam starkey
D. None of these

Answer.  A

4. What is the name of India’s first indigenously – developed Light combat Aircraft’s

A. Tejas
B. Baz
C. Aakash
D. None of these

Answer.  A

5. The government of india recently launched  a chat-bot Named ‘ mygov Corona Helpdesk ‘ on which social media platform

A. Twitter
B. Snapchat
C. WhatsApp
D. Instagram

Answer. C

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