Fill in the blanks online test questions 2021

fill in the blanks very common topic for any competitive exams like ssc cgl, mts , state exams etc. Here I am providing a 15 fill in questions based on multiple choice questions. Give this test and check your scores.

Fill in blanks questions

#2. When will you hand _____ your assignment

#3. They thought Japanese never ______

#4. I could hardly recognize him ____ I saw him

#5. All is not well _____ the automobile sector

#6. You were looking ____ me like you wanted to stay

#7. The student was punished for his ____

#8. When should I _____ up

#9. If they need space ____ it to them

#10. She failed to ____ to her name

#11. He is _____ with the way the pavements are _____ used as parking lots

#12. I attach _____ credence ______ what she has to say about you

#13. You have no influence ______ me

#14. My friend _____ at seven this morning

#15. Rahul was so tired _____ he could not walk



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