Important topic of electrostatic

Check syllabus and important topic for electrostatic which are given below.

Topics for electrostatic –

  • electric flux
  • gauss’s law
  • Uniformly charged straight wire
  • electronic charge
  • conversation charge
  • force between multiple charges
  • Coulomb law
  • super position principle
  • continuous charge distribution
  • electric charges
  • Conservation charges
  • Superposition principle and continuous charge distribution
  • electric field
  • electric field due a point charge
  • electric field lines
  • electric dipole
  • electric field due to a dipole
  • electric potential
  • equipotential surface
  • dielectric and electric polarization
  • capacitor, inductor and insulator
  • combination of capacitors in series and parallel
  • energy stored in capacitor
  • capacitance of parallel plate capacitor

Reference books for Electrostatic 

  •  introduction of electrodynamics by ” david j Griffith “
  •  electrostatic and current electricity by ” B. M Sharma “
  •  concept of physics by ” H. C Verma “
  • conceptual physics by Paul G . Hewitt

All these books mentioned above also useful for those students who are preparing a neet, iit je and airforce x group and other competitive exams .

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