Cement questions and answers

cement multiple choice questions and answers

In this article I am sharing a multiple choice questions on cement and their uses , basically cement very common topic of civil engineering. Read below some important questions on cement which all are based on multiple choice answer ( mcq )

Cement mcq

1. Cement introduced by

A. James Gibson

B. Mason Joseph Aspden

C. Michael Gove

D. None of these

Answer. B

2. White cement is used for

A. Plastering

B. Ornamental

C. Floor finishes

D. All

Answer. D

3. to produce low heat cement it is necessary to reduce

A. C3a

B. C5a

C. C2s

D. None of these

Answer. A

4. Which cement is most commonly used in under water construction where pumping is involved

A. Low heat cement

B. Quick setting cement

C. Rapid hardening cement

D. None of these

Answer. B

5. Cement is formed by strongly heating a mixture of

A. Chalk and graphite

B. Lime stone and clay

C. Graphite and clay

D. None of these

Answer. B

6. PPC stands for

A. Portland plaster cement

B. Portland pozzolana cement

C. Portland primary cement

D. None of these

Answer. B

7. Setting time of cement is measured by

A. Vicat’s Apparatus

B. Le Chatelier’s

C. Hygrometer

D. None of these

Answer. A

8. soundness of cement tested by

A. Le Chatelier’s

B. Vicat’s Apparatus

C. Barometer

D. None of these

Answer. A

9. Fineness of cement measured in

A. Cm2/kg

B. Cm/kg

C. Kg/m

D. None of these

Answer. A

10. After storage , the strength of cement is _______

A. Increases

B. Remain same

C. Decreases

D. None of these

Answer. C

11. The percentage of voids in cement approximately

A. 30 %

B. 35 %

C. 40 %

D. 45 %

Answer. C

12. Low heat cement is used in

A.Thick Structures

B. Thin Structures

C. Submarine Structures

D. None of these

Answer. A

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