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oxford dictionary English to hindi pdf : oxford dictionary English, hindi download

Today we are providing a very well know dictionary which is oxford dictionary. This dictionary originally published by oxford university press in English language and this dictionary avilable in all common indian languages like hindi, telugu, marathi, Gujarati, marathi etc .

Benifits of Reading dictionary

We can improve our vocabulary knowledge with the help of this oxford dictionary. If you are preparing for a competitive exam then definitely you will need some good books for English improvement so this dictionary boost your confidence in English and this dictionary also useful for those students who want to improve their spoken language .

Dictionary information

publisherOxford university press
LanguageHindi & English
Dictionary nameoxford dictionary

We are sharing a some common words of oxford dictionary which are given below

  • आस्था – a -stha [ s ] : faith , believe
  • इच्छित् – icchit [ s ] adj. 1. Wished for , 2. Intended
  • उत्तम – uttam [ s ] adj. 1. Highest , superme 2. Excellent
  • सहयोग – sah – yog [ s ] m . collaboration , corporation
  • सुअवसर – su – ava – sar [ s ] , m : convenient , moment , opportunity
  • प्रातिदिन – prati – din , [ s ] adv. : Every day , adj. : daily

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How to download Oxford dictionary app English to hindi .

Follow simple steps which are given below :

Step 1 – first you have to go in Google play store

Step2 – serach section area type oxford dictionary English to hindi. And then download it . See image of app below –

Oxford dictionary app

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