Surveying and levelling questions

11. A fixed point of known elevation is called ______

A. Line of collimation

B. Bench mark

C. Height of instrument

D. None of these

Answer. B

12. The point indicating the shifting of level is known as

A. Change point

B. Reduced level

C. Intermediate sight

D. None of these

Answer. A

13. The box of prismatic compass is made of

A. aluminium

B. Steel

C. Iron

D. Brass

Answer. D

14. The rise and fall method of levelling provides a complete check on

A. Intermediate sight

B. Fore sight

C. Back sight

D. All

Answer. D

15. The angle between two plane mirrors of an optical square is based on

A. 45°

B. 60°

C. 90°

D. 180°

Answer. A

16. Benchmark is established by

A. Barometric levelling

B. Spirit levelling

C. Trigonometric levelling

D. None of these

Answer. B

17. Counter interval is

A. Larger for accurate work

B. Inversely proportional to the scale of the map

C. Directly proportional to the flatness ground

D. None of these

Answer. B

18. With the rise of temperature , the sensitivity of bubble tube

A. Increases

B. Remain same

C. Decreases

D. None of these

Answer. C

19. The needle of magnetic compass is generally supported on

A. Jewel bearing

B. Ball bearing

C. Needle bearing

D. None of these

Answer. A

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